NAUTIC-ON, Brunswick’s smart take on boat monitoring

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    I think it’s a big deal that Brunswick — possibly the biggest recreational marine company? — has gone into the boat monitoring business.
    And I too was impressed with the system explanations we heard in Miami, but Ben S and I got a little baffled this morning trying to jibe the bilge pump sensor with this Nautic-On’s claim”
    “An over active bilge pump is a sign of bigger issues to come. The Nautic-ON system allows you to track bilge pump activity and tells you when the bilge has stopped working so you can respond quickly.”
    The pump monitoring app screen looks great, and I can understand how the sensor could use current flow to diagnose some problems like a pump clog, but how could it know if a wire connection fails between it and the pump, or if the float switch gets jammed open?
    Hopefully Nautic-On will provide some more detail, but in the meantime maybe someone can help with this puzzle?

  2. I can’t help you with the puzzle,Ben E – but this looks like a good system for someone who hasn’t done much in the way of monitoring their boat to get decent coverage of the big stuff (is it sinking? is the battery dead?).
    How does it communicate? My experience with Bluetooth suggests that it doesn’t go far in a boat (if I leave my fone in the nav station, my headset disconnects before I get all the way to the aft stateroom). Even Wifi doesn’t penetrate to every corner if it’s a small internal antenna (like these units appear to have).

  3. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Hartley, I don’t think Nautic-On is specific about the wireless protocol they’re using, but I’d guess DECT. I have an Ooma wireless home phone and security system that has shown me that DECT 6.0 can have amazing range. I have relatively inexpensive and totally wireless motion, door and water contact sensors working fine in places my home WiFi can’t touch at all, and WAY beyond Bluetooth.

  4. Hi BenS,
    10 mw at 1.9 GHz – doesn’t sound like it should be amazing, but maybe they’ve hit a sweet spot. Microwave propagation is NOT intuitive for me 🙂
    I suppose you could hit heavy interference in a few places, but most boaters are unlikely to get that close to industrial microwave users. My biggest interference concern would be pulling up next to one of those mega-yachts with a big cordless phone setup 🙂
    73 DE Hartley

  5. Chuck Cohen says:

    Ben, we’re down in Uruguay, Argentina & Chilé for s few weeks – on land. Will Brunswick’s new monitoring system work when only a 3G communications network is available?

    • Ben Stein Ben Stein says:

      That”s a good question and I think the answer is no. Nautic-On was careful to point out they’re using 4g, not 3g for their cellular connectivity. They pointed that out as proof of their future=-proof design because carriers are likely to start decommissioning their 3g networks. I don’t know if they thought about other parts of the world. That said, if you’re in a place with 3g coverage but the boat is in 4g coverage you would be fine.

  6. Chuck Cohen says:

    Designed for 4G, but works on 3G if I’m reading you right. C

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