Next Generation of Boating Electronics Unveiled with the New Simrad NSX

Latest Simrad NSX Chartplotter & Fishfinder Makes Virtual Debut to Media &  Customers

Egersund, Norway – Simrad Yachting’s newest multifunction display (MFD) – Simrad NSX – was publicly unveiled this week during a global livestream event, offering the latest evolution in chartplotters and fishfinders for powerboaters as a new mid-range product in the Simrad line. The Simrad NSX is available in 7”, 9” and 12” display sizes and is based on a new Operating System built from the ground up to redefine boating experiences. NSX will be on display at the Miami International Boat Show, February 16-20.

NSX features an innovative and modern interface with a new, intuitive touch screen experience with crystal clear views. Charts include powerful C-MAP navigation capabilities and compatibility with sonar, radar and autopilot systems. Simple Setup Wizards guide users through each step during device setup, and Simrad app integration makes connectivity from your smartphone easier than ever.

              “The electronics for boating navigation have evolved so much over the decades, but with this particular product we’ve really focused on making boating adventures and navigation both easier and more accessible than ever,” said Mike Fargo, EVP of Simrad Yachting. “I love that about this product. With the NSX, our development team re-imagined and re-defined what a chartplotter and fishfinder can be for consumers, simplifying the experience from the moment you take NSX out of the box all the way to the furthest open water adventures.”

              Packed with the full suite of Simrad technology at your fingertips, NSX is designed to deliver a wide eco-system allowing users to expand the MFD with additional functionality, easier integrations and support for a wide range of third-party applications. Boaters who love fishing can utilize NSX to view high-resolution images below and to the sides with Active Imaging and CHIRP sonar, SideScan/DownScan Imaging and FishReveal – or search even greater depths with a wide range of compatible transducers. Users can integrate easily with their radar and get the most out of their AutoPilot systems by connecting to Autorouting.

              “For over 75 years, Simrad has built a tradition of reliability, safety and innovation,” said Fargo. “The NSX is designed towards adventurers of the water lifestyle… weekend cruising, family fishing, diving, watersports, getting to the sandbar and back – the NSX works great for all that. We’ve designed it to be simpler and easier to use and having the new OS as the platform to build on has been a big part of making it a more seamless experience for boaters.”

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              “Fundamentally, the ultimate experience is that it’s easier to obtain value for the boater, and easier to use the product,” said Jarred Clayton, Chief Technology Officer. “There’s 100 small things that the design team have improved upon based on customer feedback to make it a lot better. We absolutely have the world’s best charts on this product and that’s something we’re critically proud of.” The Simrad NSX™ starts at $1,049 with product highlights available at

  • Simple to set up & easy to manage with a Setup Wizard that walks users through the process to make it easier and faster including engine and tank setup, AutoPilot optimisation, radar dockside and on the water calibration, and much more.
  • A new, intuitive touchscreen experience with various display sizes and multiple screen configurations to suit the user’s needs.
  • Brings navigation to life with support for the next-generation C-MAP DISCOVER X & REVEAL X marine-optimized charts.
  • Full suite of Simrad technology at the touch of a finger with networking and connectivity solutions including modem plug-in for additional connectivity to devices and an ethernet port for full networking capabilities in the future.
  • Extensive 3rd Party App Integration providing diversity in integration and ability to support multiple vendors.
  • Fully editable and customizable with smart drag-and-drop screen customization and fully editable instruments bar.
  • High Resolution Bathymetry showing accurate contour lines down to a 1-foot level of detail with compatible charts.
  • Enhanced day and night modes. Be ready to go in all weather and lighting conditions.
  • Simrad’s fastest-ever Autorouting with improved planning and route plotting
  • Hassle-free software updates & data transfer. Stay up-to-date with the Simrad® App.

For more information about Simrad products, visit www.simrad-yachting/nsx/.

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10 Responses

  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    It’s a really big deal to rebuild a marine multifunction display system from the ground up, and I think that’s the major overall news about Simrad NSX. So the new interface and features seen on these 7, 9, and 12-inch displays will almost undoubtedly come to other new Simrad models in the not too far future. And I’ll bet we’ll also see new Lowrance and B&G displays based on the new operating system (which is apparently built on top of Android).

    So let’s remember what happened when Raymarine and Furuno made similar major MFD operating system changes. Anyone who uses a current Simrad MFD should not be surprised if a feature they’re used to now is quite different (though hopefully better) on an NSX, or maybe is not yet available at all.

    But from what I can see so far, the NSX does all the basics and more quite nicely, and we’ll find out more soon because they are scheduled to ship in late March, plus Ben Stein will trying NSX in Miami next week.

    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      “Full suite of Simrad technology at the touch of a finger with networking and connectivity solutions including modem plug-in for additional connectivity to devices and an ethernet port for full networking capabilities in the future.”

      Ethernet for “full networking in the future” sounds like NSX will only support limited networking when shipped. I don’t know what that means yet, but it certainly looks like Ethernet radar is supported, at least to one display.

      On the other hand, NSX is the first marine display I’ve seen with a “modem plug-in for additional connectivity to devices.” Any guesses what that means?

      • I’ve seen a few devices advertising 5G modem connectivity for remote monitoring. That’s a very competitive part of the market and it wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve included a simplified version of their monitoring stuff in the MFD…

        • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

          Right, but wouldn’t a normal cellular modem connection be Ethernet, which the NSX already has?

          • A standalone router would connect via Ethernet potentially. But there are a decent amount of products that support a USB cellular modem where it’s one bit of hardware, pretty small, and allows for remote monitoring. A router would require a separate power supply, etc. and more complexity.

  2. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Here’s the 35-minute NSX presentation that Simrad gave to partners and the press yesterday, with many interesting views of the new system in action:

  3. Jason says:

    I am about to buy a brand new b&g system for my new build boat. I think I will have to purchase in July. Any chance b&G will have upgraded? Will I be able to upgrade afterwards?

    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      Sorry, Jason, while it seems quite likely that B&G will eventually offer new MFDs based on this NSX operating system, I have no idea when that will happen. Also, there’s no hint that the new Navico OS is backward compatible with any existing hardware. But then again, the current MFDs are pretty darn good.

  4. abbor says:

    Simrad GO series and B&G Vulcan don’t have the hardware resources to run the new OS. NSS Evo3S and Zeus3 would have the resources to run the new OS. When Evo3S was released there were rumors that it would get an upgrade to a new Android based OS. But I haven’t heard anything about this for almost two years.

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