Monthly Archive: February 2008

Iridium OpenPort, a solid state touché! 4

Iridium OpenPort, a solid state touché!


Doh! Earlier this week I wrote a PMY May column on marine satellite broadband, but despite lots of research only this morning learned that Iridium is also piling into this relatively small, if high dollar, niche…and with what looks like a really interesting new technology…

A screenshot feature, do it! 7

A screenshot feature, do it!


Whereas I got the week started on what’s largely a trade subject, let me add an unsolicited suggestion to everyone who makes plotters, multifunction displays, or any other marine electronics with a screen and some sort of accessible memory. If possible, please add a screenshot feature!…

Maptech, big changes coming 0

Maptech, big changes coming


It’s ironic that I wrote about a neat Maptech price/packaging move Friday afternoon, as I now know that simultaneously the employees were learning that the company would be sold, either whole or in parts, and that it would immediately go into a sort of maintenance mode, which included a few layoffs. Naturally the relatively tiny marine electronics industry has been a-buzz…

Maptech International Charts, prices slashed 10

Maptech International Charts, prices slashed


One of my happiest discoveries at MIBS was not a new product or feature, but simply a matter of pricing and packaging. Maptech has radically reduced the hassle and cost of owning its international raster charts, really big time…

Humminbird horizon compass, brilliant! 3

Humminbird horizon compass, brilliant!


Some day I’ll figure out how to use the “tag” function built into this blogging software, and this entry will be one of several easily found by clicking “Smart Interface Ideas”. I’ve never seen a compass rose overlaid on a 3D plotter horizon like this, but it struck me as totally intuitive, very useful, and without a downside. Check out…

Northstar 725, w/ 705 wireless handsets 3

Northstar 725, w/ 705 wireless handsets


This Northstar Explorer 725 VHF, along with its optional wireless handset, was one of the few entirely new electronics introductions seen at MIBS (at least if you’re a regular Panbo reader ;-). And compliments to Northstar for…