Dymo XTL labeler, premium quality labels at a premium price

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

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  1. Mark says:

    Stay away from the 3rd party generic labels. The Dymo labels are almost twice as expensive, but they take the printer ink properly. The generics allow the ink to be smeared and often the print is not as solidly readable. The Dymo can make very small print.

  2. Keith Pleas says:

    I have an older Dymo, this looks like a compelling upgrade – now I’m trying to rationalize the 1″ vs 2″. I can’t come up with an immediate need for a 2″ label, but certainly the 4″ cable wrap for large cables / hoses would be useful. But I think I can achieve the same with “3M 850 Polyester Film Tape – 1″ x 72 yds, Clear” wrap. Ben? Have you produced a 2″ label yet other than a cable wrap?

    • Ben Stein Ben Stein says:


      I have found it useful to have the larger sizes a few times and, if I understand correctly, a lot of the specialized labels would be out on the 300. The 300 says it prints up to 24mm labels. I believe something like the 1 1/2 x 1 9/16 cable wraps (https://www.dymo.com/en_GB/XTL-Laminated-Wire-Cable-Wrap-1-1-2-in-x-1-9-16in.html) would be out with the 300. That’s the most common size of label I’ve used so that would be a big problem.

      I also used the 2-inch labels to make warning labels for an electrical panel where I’d fit an inverter. The large label tape and graphics capabilities of the XTL made for a pretty professional-looking warning.

      Plus, I’ve made Panbo logo stickers on 2-inch tape to stick on my tool cases.

      -Ben S.

  3. Keith Pleas says:

    Hi Ben – have you noticed the en_CA site? https://www.dymo.com/en_CA/labels/xtl%3Csup%3Etm%3C%2Fsup%3E-%28xtl%29?q=en_CA&prefn1=DY_LABELING_NEEDS&prefv1=Wires%20%26%20Cables

    Oddly, en_GB and en_US don’t mention this…but the en_CA site…it does not mention anything for 1868708 but it does say “Only compatible with XTLTM 500” for 1868712.

  4. Bob Hinden says:

    As part of expanding the N2K network and adding new instruments, I got a LABELWORKS LW-PX400 Industrial Label Maker.


    It has a large variety of label types including laminated labels and heat shrink labels, I really like the laminated labels because you can add them to existing wiring or N2K cables with pre-made connectors.
    You use your phone to control it. Overall I am happy with and my wiring is well labeled.

    It’s not cheap, but less expensive than the

  5. Bob Hinden says:

    but less expensive than the Dymo XTL models.

    [Sorry, pressed return too soon]

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