Plot your paradise with new Garmin Navionics+ marine cartography

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    This is a pretty big deal as Garmin seems to have dropped most their own chart presentation style in favor of how Navionics does things. That may take some getting used to for some users, but I suspect that anyone unfamiliar with Navionics Dock-to-Dock autorouting will like what Garmin now calls AutoGuidance+.

    Also nice to see that the ActiveCaptain app will now support the Navionics rapid updating system, but that Garmin did not drop the free U.S. raster chart feature.

  2. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    There’s also a Navionics 2022 press release out today with the main news being a “streamlined catalog of Navionics+ and premium Platinum+ charts” that include lake and river mapping. In other words, I think, formerly separate Navionics Hotmaps Platinum coverage is now included with Platinum+ coastal charts.

  3. Tom Andresky Tom Andresky says:

    The other interesting thing is Garmin has combined chart regions in the new Garmin Navioincs Vision + series that used to be separate from one another (.i.e) the Carolina’s, the mid Atlantic plus the Northeast region were separate now they have been combined at a new lower price 259.00 for all three.

  4. Stephen Weiss says:

    Hmm, what does this do to those of us using Navionics on our brand new Raymarine Axiom+ chart plotters – and on our stand alone Android tablets?

    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      Stephen, I don’t think you’ll experience any negative changes. In fact, now that Garmin has apparently chosen Navionics as its native chart format going forward, there may be more budget for improvements, data collection, etc.

      On the other hand, I don’t know how long Garmin will continue to update BlueChart G3 data as their displays that can not use Navionics+ get older and older. And it’s a bit odd that the G3 format is only three years old.

      • Sven says:

        This means my plan to get something new next to the 7612 now sounds more like get two new things side by side for maps to match. But that also means all brands are open for the replacement…

  5. Joel says:

    It sounds like Garmin is going to offer features on Navionics that can only be accessed if you buy a Garmin plotter. The rest of us will get ‘simpler’ versions offering fewer features. If they follow the same path with Active Captain and Vesper, it will be truly unfortunate.

    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      How does it sound like that, Joel? I don’t see any feature in Navionics+ or the new Vision+ that isn’t in regular Navionics or Platinum+ charts. I guess you could point out the NOAA raster chart support that Garmin still offers, but it’s quite separate from both Bluecharts and Navionics.

  6. Randy Repass Jr says:

    It’s hard to tell in my Active Captain app (how I update anything on my GPS 1222) if updating the charts will give me this new interface. Any insights?

    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      Hi Randy, Garmin’s Navionics+ pages — only for North America at this point — say “Download coming soon.” But I’d buy the SD card myself, same price and no messing with huge downloads. Plus once you get the card registered with Active Captain it should be fairly easy to download chart updates as desired.

      Your GPSmap 1222 is listed as compatible with the $200 U.S. & Coastal Canada (plus Bahamas, all U.S. lakes, and more) card but it looks like the 1222 will not work with the $150 Built-In Chart card for same area.

      • Randy Repass Jr says:

        I’m in Ireland, so it’s the European chart I want. So, my area is not yet part of the updated system?

  7. Brian says:

    Disappointing that this doesn’t support the 7600 series. I wonder if Garmin plans to expand support in the future or if I’m stuck on the old maps.

  8. Tom Andresky Tom Andresky says:

    I think we are stuck with the G3 Vision charts for the 7600 series. I’ve been using one since June 2015 terrific unit. The last software update was June 18th, 2021 V20.40/4.40 which tells me it will be become a legacy series in short order.

    • Ben Stein Ben Stein says:


      I think you’re right. I emailed Garmin who confirmed they don’t have plans to go back and add support for older MFDs. The Navionics+ presentation is planned for current and future MFDs. I think a few now discontinued models probably gained support because they share software with current models.

      -Ben S.

  9. Tom Andresky Tom Andresky says:

    New software update posted on the Garmin website for the units that can run the new cartography. V26.1

    as of January 20, 2022

    Changes made from version 25.30 to 26.10:

    Added support for new home page and graphical style. This update includes many user interface improvements and easier navigation to pinned functions.
    Added support for new Navionics+ cartography along with several chart presentation improvements including next generation smart autoguidance routing.
    Added a Ghost Reject Auto setting to improve sonar performance and ghost image rejection for LiveScope under most conditions.
    Added LiveScope Color Limit control to reduce background noise.
    Added support to detect and display Mercury popup banners.
    Added Mercury active exhaust state and toggle options for supported engines.
    Added support for filtering sailing polar data.
    Hide course to steer during upwind routing when going upwind with laylines enabled.
    Added display of layline data fields without requiring laylines to be visible.
    Added support for vessel look-ahead on navigation, fishing, and weather charts.
    Added support for OneHelm top and bottom overlay bars.
    Added troubleshooting text to many warning/alarm banners.
    Added improved options for Yamaha split engine pages.
    Added support for additional Yamaha autopilot steer patterns.
    Various other Yamaha engine control improvements.
    Other improvements and bug fixes.

  10. Tom Andresky Tom Andresky says:

    I uploaded the new update to my 743xsv took 5 minutes (I did not use Active Captain. I downloaded the update to my PC then used the Garmin PC update program to load it to an 32gb SD card) It’s been running for an hour no glitches. The update lets you share G3/G3 Vision cartography between units 743/7610 in my application. The user interface display screens are different than what they used to be.

  11. Tom Andresky Tom Andresky says:

    The Navionics website ha the + and Vision + charts for sale. They are ahead of Garmin because they’ve been incorporating the G3 Vision capabilities since early in 2021 where a Garmin is playing catch up bringing the Navionics look & feel plus Navionics auto guidance features into the Garmin cartography.

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